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DMS 936-S is low cost static volume and weighing measurement system is designed to measure the weight and volume of the properly shaped packages and pallets automatically. It can be easily installed or moved to anywhere with its storable and compact design. System can be installed between the existing belt or there is an alternative model with its own belt. Personal mistakes have been removed with this automatic, fast and accurate measurement system.

The weight and dimensions of the product is measured automatically after the packages or pallets are placement to the system by the operator. These informations are transferred to the computer immediately and can be displayed from the system screens. On the other hand, the informations on the packages and pallets can be transferred to the system through Barcod/RF-ID reader optionally. As a result of all these processes, upon request all the information can be printed.


CubiCAM® is a very reliable, automatic measurement system used for measuring the dimensions of objects such as box, package etc. together with their weights. The administration of the system where the measurement of objects which have cubical or amorphous shapes is made sensitively and quickly is performed over a touch PC, located inside the panel.

Together with the weight, width, length, and height values, related with the object, the measurement of which is being done, the deci- information is displayed instantaneously on the screen. The measurement results can be documented to the voucher, label or barcode printer as well as transferred easily to the other peripheral units over the ethernet connection.

General Properties

  • The system automatically determines the weight, width, length, and height values of objects with cubical or amorphous shapes. It calculates their decis and indicates the related values over the program interface.
  • It operates automatically by placing the objects on the scale platform and by giving measurement command. The measurement operation is performed via very sensitive 3D sensor/sensors. No additional marker or equipment is needed.
  • It is quick, savings on time is obtained by quickly performing the measurement of more than one objects in a short time interval.
  • The measurement results can be monitored over the touch PC screen instantaneously. The values are quickly sent to the printer and the other peripheral units through RS232 and Ethernet connection.
  • A three dimensional profile of the object is obtained as a result of the measurement. If required, the dimension values in any area of the object can be displayed manually by marking over the program interface by the operator


LogiScan is a dimension measurement system of a state of the art technology, which is designed especially for the logistic sector.

The system, where 3 dimensional measurement of materials with every size, shape and color is done quickly and sensitively, operates automatically without requiring any auxiliary apparatus.

It can be enabled that the measurement of more than one cargo is done simultaneously through single measurement bridge by optionally increasing the length of the standard construction. In addition to this, there are the static model options which can be used by attaching via hanger system to the existing roof construction of the enterprise.

LogiScan® dimension measurement system can be used by itself as well as can be used as a measurement station with multiple functions by integrating with a weighting system. The dimensions of the cargos will become determined together with the weights, which are left of the scale by bringing to the measurement station via forklift, transpallet or other carriage means.

The Barcode reader or RF-ID reading systems which enable that the ID information of the cargo is automatically read, the message terminal which enables that the measurement results can be read through long distances, the camera which is for recording the general appearance of the cargo, and sound-light signalization, for guidance and warning can be integrated to the system optionally.