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Multi-Scale Integration
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.

The exchange of information of more than one scale with each other and acceleration of weighing procedures especially at the facilities due to be subject to intensive entry-exit procedures and acceleration of weighing procedures and at the same time, identification of any shipment and loading requests coming from the stock and sales departments of the enterprise, transfer of the weighing results into the related units at the electronic media and possibility of making an effective control of personnel from a single center and time efficiency. The multi-scale automation system consists of the vehicle scale, smart weighing terminals, computer, printer and WINSCALE/NT software providing the functioning of the system. The accessories such as Automatic Vehicle Identification Terminal/System providing the automatic identification of vehicles, barcode reader, traffic light directing the driver and vehicle traffic, barrier and message terminal and so on may be added to the system.

For this purpose, the weighing procedures of the vehicles are effectuated easily and rapidly by means of the opportunities to be able to carry data by the interfaces such as cabled and non-cabled connection option, touch key or barcode card and so on for the scales that are more than one and available at the same facility. Since the scales can exchange of data with each other, it becomes possible to make the exit procedures of a vehicle entering in through one scale and coming out from the other. The tares of the vehicles, weighed permanently within the direction of the customer’s request are saved in the memory in advance and by this means, the possibility of weighing may be provided at a single stage. It is possible to issue or print out a scale slip or waybill. Furthermore, it is also possible to identify separate printer for slip, report and waybill.

Multi-Scale Integration - Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights
It is used for the organization of the vehicle’s scale entry and exit traffic by the commands received from the weight indicator where the serial and intensive weighings are valid. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.
Multi-Scale Integration - Barrier
Multi-Scale Integration - Remote Display
Remote Display
It is used for observing the value of the vehicle weight from outside of the cabin. It can be mounted on weighing cabin or any suitable place which can be seen from outside. Display is clearly visible with 6 digits red LED indicator.
Multi-Scale Integration - Automatic Vehicle Identifier System - Card Reader
Automatic Vehicle Identifier System – Card Reader
It is mounted at entry or exit of scale. When the vehicle access into the scale, without the driver’s getting out of the vehicle the card is read on the vehicle identification terminal and all information are transferred to the computer. It allows making the process of weighing without an operator. Preferably and according to the process one or two terminals can be used.
Multi-Scale Integration - Message Terminal
Message Terminal
It is used to guide and inform the driver visually at the truck scales with automation applications and automatic vehicle identification system. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.