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Portable Axle Scales
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • National and International Certification
  • Static / Dynamic Weighing CNC Controlled Production Automation
  • High Weighing Accuracy
  • Superior Durability and High Performance
  • Easy and Fast Assembly
  • Minimum Infrastructure Cost
  • Minimum Service and Maintenance Cost

Portable Axle Scales are ideal for applications that require fast and quick weighing. The system allows weighing of vehicles such as cars, trucks, tankers, containers, tractors, airplanes, and so on in one time. 4, 5, 6 and 8 platforms can be used according to the total number of axles and wheels vehicle. Light weighing platforms easily transported to the desired location, on a flat surface within a few minutes installation is finalized and the weighing process can be started. Low platform height provides a great convenience for vehicles entrance and exit of the scale.

Weighing process is very easy and quick through weighing terminal which is in special carrying bag. As a standard that it allows connection of 4 platforms to the weighing terminal. It is also possible to configure weighing terminal to connect more platforms with optional wireless connectivity.

During the weighing process, each of the weight on the weighing platform can be monitored on the screen. And it is also possible to display selecting different combinations of the total weight of the platform on the screen. However, each axle weight of vehicles, tractor and trailer weights, weighing the total weight of the vehicles during the day can be viewed on the screen and with thermal printer option overall total can be documented through printer.

Weighing ticket includes; 4 line header, the weight of each individual platform and platform combination of different weights, the total weight of the vehicle, the total weight of vehicles weighed, voucher number, weighing number, Code 39 barcode, date and time may include.

Material Special alloyed aluminum
Protection Class IP68 / IP69 K
Number of Load Cells 6
Load Cell Protection Class Stainless Steel IP68
Weighing Terminal Connection Wired 10 m. – Wireless (option)
Dimensions (LxWxH) – Weight 450 x 700 x 58 mm – 26 kg

Weighing Terminal
Display 6-digit, 25 mm LCD display with backlight
Keypad Membrane-type, 17-function touch key
Operation Voltage 12 VDC
Battery 12V 7Ah
Operating Time 10 Saat
Charging Time 8 Saat
Charge Voltage 12 VDC / 230 VAC
Serial Communication 1 RS232
Caseing ABS Plastic
Dimensions – Weight 325X460X170 mm – 5 kg
Printer Thermal Receipt Printer
Additional Platform Connection 5, 6, 7, 8 pcs platform connection
Peripheral Connections Wireless / RS232/485
Model Code Capacity x Division Dimensions (mm)
WB-PAX-32-1,5T 1,5 ton x 0,5 kg 700 x 450 x 58
WB-PAX-32-3T 3 ton x 1 kg 700 x 450 x 58
WB-PAX-32-6T 6 ton x 2 kg 700 x 450 x 58
WB-PAX-S-10T 10 ton x 5 kg 700 x 450 x 58
WB-PAX-S-15T 15 ton x 5 kg 700 x 450 x 58