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Under-Silo Vehicle Scales
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • It is aimed to fill the vehicles with the desired amount of bulk materials such as cement factories and to load the vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the vehicles.

It is aimed at the under-silo filling scales and systems to load required amounts of goods, bulk materials especially those of the cement plants, to provide automation and at the same time, load vehicles in accordance with their load capacity.

The system bearing the first option becomes operational by the realization of filling at required amount upon submission of necessary command to the filling system coming to the scale under the silo within the direction of the loading data, given to the loading operator and obtainment of the scale slip, as a consequence, pertaining to the weighing.

The second option, becomes functional by the control of all requests, orders and loading data by a single center. Since the order of the vehicle coming for loading is planned in advance, the vehicle in question is directed to the silo where the loading will be made.

The loading data are transferred into the filling point by various interfaces. The system will communicate with the filling point within direction of these data and effectuate the loading of the required amount of goods on the vehicle. Following the filling procedure of the vehicle, the vehicle will be given a weighing slip or waybill at the exit from the shipment point and subsequently, the weighing procedures be finalized accordingly. The personnel errors are eliminated since the system is directed from a single center, it becomes possible to direct the vehicles by means of online data-sharing and transfer the weighing results to the related units and provide operational efficiency.

The Vehicle Scale, Smart Weighing Indicators, Computer, WINSCALE/ FILL software and traffic light directing the vehicle, optical sensor, touch key providing data transfer, barcode reader, barcode card or cabled connection systems are used at the system.

Under-Silo Vehicle Scales - Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights
It is used for the organization of the vehicle’s scale entry and exit traffic by the commands received from the weight indicator where the serial and intensive weighings are valid. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.
Under-Silo Vehicle Scales - Barrier
Under-Silo Vehicle Scales - Remote Display
Remote Display
It is used for observing the value of the vehicle weight from outside of the cabin. It can be mounted on weighing cabin or any suitable place which can be seen from outside. Display is clearly visible with 6 digits red LED indicator.
Under-Silo Vehicle Scales - Message Terminal
Message Terminal
It is used to guide and inform the driver visually at the truck scales with automation applications and automatic vehicle identification system. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.