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Ex-Proof Truck Scales
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Especially LPG filling facilities, fuel oil facilities, chemical industry and so on. 
  • Designed for explosive and flammable environments with high risk.
  • Exproof protected special load cells, junction boxes, weight indicator, shielded cable and so on. equipments are used. 
  • All equipment used is certified by the standards. 
  • Our truck scales which are produced in standard sizes and capacities can carry Ex-proof feature.

These are designed for explosive and infl ammable environments where the risk rate is high, for instance, LPC fi lling facilities, fuel facilities, chemical industry and so on. The equipments have exproof protection such as special load-cells, junction boxes, weight indicator, shielded cable and so on. All equipments, used in this respect, have necessary certifi cates related to their standards. Our vehicle scales that are produced at standard dimensions and capacities may contain an ex-proof specifi cation.

Ex-Proof Taşıt Kantarları - LL2 Ex-Proof Ağırlık Göstergesi
LL2 Ex-Proof Ağırlık Göstergesi
Ex-Proof Taşıt Kantarları - Ex-Proof Bağlantı Kutusu
Ex-Proof Bağlantı Kutusu
Ex-Proof Taşıt Kantarları - Ex-Proof Yük Hücreleri
Ex-Proof Yük Hücreleri
Ex-Proof Taşıt Kantarları - Zener Barriers
Zener Barriers