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V-TECH-PIT - Truck Scale
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Ideal Solution for Limited Site Layout
  • Unique Design
  • CNC Controlled Production Automation
  • High Weighing Accuracy
  • Superior Durability and High Performance
  • Easy and Fast Assembly
  • Minimum Service and Maintenance Cost

V-TECH-PIT® series electronic truck scale is the model of V-TECH® series truck scales which are designed for pit type weighing applications. They are preference of the enterprises where the vehicle movements are intensive and have insufficient place. It is installed into the concrete foundation which is prepared on site. V-BRIDGE-PIT® model, It is used for many years without any problems with rain water drainage system and thrown into a healthy infrastructure.

Static calculations of V-BRIDGE-PIT® model were made according to international loading and measurement standards. V Beam construction was designed checking the weight of heaviest axle limits of the vehicles, their position, and movement and braking forces on the truck scales. With these calculations, uniform charge distribution created on it. With V beam and stainless steel multiple load cells design ensure superior strength and high measurement accuracy

tartı platformu


Model: VB-VT-PIT
Material:  Çelik
Paint: RAL 5010

Tartı Terminali

Weighing IndicatorComputer
CPU:  Intel PD.CORE E5500 2.80 GHz
Memory: 2 GB DDR
Hard Drive: 160 GB SATA2 7200 RPM HDD
Operating System: MS Windows 7 Home Basic 32 Bit
Power: 300 W
The current system configuration can be changed according to current technology.


Model / Type / Class: RC3 / Compression / C3
Protection Class: IP68 / IP69K
Material: Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: –40°C …+80°C

Junction Box (J-Box)

Model: WA-JB-SS
Protection Class: IP 65
Housing: Stainless Steel

Load-Cell Mounting Accessory

Model: CMP-MA
Material: Steel

Model Code Maximum Capacity (ton) Minimum Capacity (kg) Division (kg) Dimension (m) Loadcell Quantity
WB-VI-PIT-3X8-40T.6L 40 400 20 3×8 6
WB-VI-PIT-3X9-40T.6L 3×9
WB-VI-PIT-3X10-40T.6L 3×10
WB-VI-PIT-3X12-40T.6L 3×12
WB-VI-PIT-3X8-60T.6L 60 400 20 3×8 6
WB-VI-PIT-3X9-60T.6L 3×9
WB-VI-PIT-3X10-60T.6L 3×10
WB-VI-PIT-3X12-60T.6L 3×12
WB-VI-PIT-3X14-60T.8L 3×14 8
WB-VI-PIT-3X16-60T.8L 3×16
WB-VI-PIT-3X18-60T.8L 3×18
WB-VI-PIT-3X20-60T.10L 3×20 10
WB-VI-PIT-3X22-60T.10L 3×22
WB-VI-PIT-3X24-60T.10L 3×24
WB-VI-PIT-3X14-80T.8L 80 1000 50 3×14 8
WB-VI-PIT-3X16-80T.8L 3×16
WB-VI-PIT-3X18-80T.8L 3×18
WB-VI-PIT-3X20-80T.10L 3×20 10
WB-VI-PIT-3X22-80T.10L 3×22
WB-VI-PIT-3X24-80T.10L 3×24
WB-VI-PIT-3X16-100T.8L 100 1000 50 3×16 8
WB-VI-PIT-3X18-100T.8L 3×18
WB-VI-PIT-3X20-100T.10L 3×20 10
WB-VI-PIT-3X22-100T.10L 3×22
WB-VI-PIT-3X24-100T.10L 3×24
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Automatic Vehicle Identification System - RF-ID
Automatic Vehicle Identification System – RF-ID
With RF transmitter mounted on the truck, information of the vehicle is transferred to the computer without an operator. It allows quick and safe weighing operations where car traffic is intensive with serial weighing facilities.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Automatic Vehicle Identifier System - Card Reader
Automatic Vehicle Identifier System – Card Reader
It is mounted at entry or exit of scale. When the vehicle access into the scale, without the driver’s getting out of the vehicle the card is read on the vehicle identification terminal and all information are transferred to the computer. It allows making the process of weighing without an operator. Preferably and according to the process one or two terminals can be used.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - IP Camera
IP Camera
IP Camera is used for measurement security or transferring photos to the database. Recorded photos and data can be displayed on the screen or they can be printed. In addition, the camera software and hardware can be added to read vehicle numberplates automatically and transfer them to the database.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Remote Display
Remote Display
It is used for observing the value of the vehicle weight from outside of the cabin. It can be mounted on weighing cabin or any suitable place which can be seen from outside. Display is clearly visible with 6 digits red LED indicator.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Message Terminal
Message Terminal
It is used to guide and inform the driver visually at the truck scales with automation applications and automatic vehicle identification system. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights
It is used for the organization of the vehicle’s scale entry and exit traffic by the commands received from the weight indicator where the serial and intensive weighings are valid. It can be mounted to the scale area or weighing cabin.
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Barrier
Weighbridge & Truck Scale Aksesuarları - Ex-Proof
Truck Scales can be produced with ex-proof featured instruments and ATEX approved for the facilities located in flammable or explosive environments.