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Automatic Cargo Dimension Measurement System
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Quick and sensitive cargo dimension measurement 
  • Easy assembly and commissioning 
  • Model options, portable, fixed and suitable for multiple measurement 
  • Ability to integrate to the weighting system 
  • Easy management via touch screen, industrial PC and user friendly program interface 
  • Full integration with the existing automation system

LogiScan is a dimension measurement system of a state of the art technology, which is designed especially for the logistic sector.

The system, where 3 dimensional measurement of materials with every size, shape and color is done quickly and sensitively, operates automatically without requiring any auxiliary apparatus.

It can be enabled that the measurement of more than one cargo is done simultaneously through single measurement bridge by optionally increasing the length of the standard construction. In addition to this, there are the static model options which can be used by attaching via hanger system to the existing roof construction of the enterprise.

LogiScan® dimension measurement system can be used by itself as well as can be used as a measurement station with multiple functions by integrating with a weighting system. The dimensions of the cargos will become determined together with the weights, which are left of the scale by bringing to the measurement station via forklift, transpallet or other carriage means.

The Barcode reader or RF-ID reading systems which enable that the ID information of the cargo is automatically read, the message terminal which enables that the measurement results can be read through long distances, the camera which is for recording the general appearance of the cargo, and sound-light signalization, for guidance and warning can be integrated to the system optionally.

Model LogiScan
Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) 350 x 408 x 344 cm
Maximum Cargo Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) 250 x 250 x 250 cm
Tolerance (Width x Length x Height) 2 x 2 x 2 cm
Measurement Bridge Motion System Linear Rail
Measurement Technique Laser Scanner
Operator Display 10 ” Touchscreen LCD
Operating Voltage 220 V AC
Operating Temperatureı -10 °C …. +40°C
Communication Ethernet (TCP-IP), RS232