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XTreme-Touch Weighing Terminal
WinScale Touch; Weigher Management at Your Fingertips
  • Alternative solution for fixed weighing operations
  • Space independent weighbridge management with wireless data transfer
  • Practical operation with touch-screen terminal
  • Dedicated user interface for mobile weighing
  • Eliminates cable clutter.
  • External Display function activated in screen saver mode
  • Wireless weighing receipt and detailed report printing function
  • Custom Tunaylar logo with leather stand with fixed use function


XTreme-Touch is a new generation weighbridge management and reporting system that provides mobility in the weighing processes with the wireless communication technology. With the wide wireless communication infrastructure offered by XTreme-Touch, you can manage your weighing processes as independent from space and print your ticket and receipt printouts wirelessly from long distances without the need for you to be next to your printer.

The management of the system is realized with Windows-based portable tablet terminal. The tablet terminal provides maximum speed and performance for the weighing applications with its superior features such as its wide screen, high data recording capacity, high memory, ability to function for long periods of time without being connected to any power supply.

XTreme-Touch which can exchange data wirelessly with all indicators available within the product range of Tunaylar can be easily used, with this feature, not only in the vehicle weighbridges, but also in many weighing applications such as platform scales, crane scales etc.