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RAILBRIDGE Railway Scales
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Ideal Solution For Railcar Weighing Applications
  • Tough Structure and High Performance
  • Two Draft or Full Draft Production Alternatives
  • Static Weighing or Weigh In Motion
  • MultiBridge Series Truck&Railway Scale
  • CNC Controlled Production Automation
  • High Accuracy Weighing
  • Minimum Service and Maintenance Cost

RAILBRIDGE series electronic railway scales are specially designed and produced for weighing railcars according to railway lines and connection systems as well as railcars attributes. It serves long periods of time with a strong static structure, durability and high performance even the harsh and tough working conditions.

Zero error production with CNC controlled production automation and robotic welding technology is another reason to prefer RAILBRIDGE series. Stainless steel multiple load cells design contributes superior strength and makes high measurement accuracy guarantee. Moduler structures of RAILBRIDGE series provides easy loading,unloading and installation operations.

According to the condition of railway lines and installation area, RAILBRIDGE series electronic railway scales are produced different types like pit, half pit. It is also possible to produce two draft or full draft for weighing different lengths railcars. It is possible to weigh on full draft or two draft for long railcars.
With MULTIBRIDGE model, it is possible to weigh railcars and trucks on the same surface. All models are connected on the railway line with rails which are placed on the steel scale platform. For all models which are connected railway lines, weighing process is performed while railcars are standing on the scales.

In addition to all models, it is also possible to weigh railcars with locomotive in motion with determined speed limits with RAILBRIDGE WIM model.

RAILBRIDGE – PIT Series Railway Scales

RAILBRIDGE – PIT series railway scales are installed the concrete pit on the railway line where it is performed. With input-output lids which are placed on the surface of scale, it is very convenient to reach scale pit for routine cleaning, maintenance and service operations. RAILBRIDGE – PIT series railway scale is used for many years without any problems with rain water drainage system and thrown into a healthy infrastructure.

RAILBRIDGE – HALF PIT Series Railway Scales

RAILBRIDGE – HALF PIT series railway scales are preferred when it is not possible to excavate a full pit like pit series applications. In this way, installation period of the scale can be completed in a shorter time. While the cost of foundation is getting down, routine cleaning, maintenance and service operations are much easier completed in a shorter period of time.

RAILBRIDGE – WIM Series Dynamic Railway Scales

RAILBRIDGE – WIM series railway scales are automatic weighing instruments which provide weighing of railcars with locomotive with a certain speed. With space saving steel weighing platform the installation of the scale is done to the suitable place on the railway line in a very short period of time and less cost. During weighing process, the total brut weight of locomotive and railcars with carrying loads are determined by measuring each axles of the railcars. In the meantime, the datas like weighing values, railcar types and transition velocities which are obtained during weighing process can be transferred to the system computer. During weighing process, each axles weights, general total values, number of axles can be displayed on the screen or can be printed.

tartı platformu


Model: VB-R
Material:  Çelik
Paint: RAL 5010

Tartı Terminali

Weighing IndicatorComputer
CPU:  Intel PD.CORE E5500 2.80 GHz
Memory: 2 GB DDR
Hard Drive: 160 GB SATA2 7200 RPM HDD
Operating System: MS Windows 7 Home Basic 32 Bit
Power: 300 W
The current system configuration can be changed according to current technology.


Model / Type / Class: RC3 / Compression / C3
Protection Class: IP68 / IP69K
Material: Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: –40°C …+80°C

Junction Box (J-Box)

Model: WA-JB-SS
Protection Class: IP 65
Housing: Stainless Steel

Load-Cell Mounting Accessory

Model: CMP-MA
Material: Steel

Model Model Code Max. Capacity (ton) Min. Capacity (kg) Division (kg) Dimension (m) L.Cell Quantity
RAILBRIDGE®-PIT Series Railway Scales WB-R-PT-1.8×7-120T.4L 120 1000 50 1.8×7 4
WB-R-PT-1.8×14-120T.6L 1.8×14 6
WB-R-PT-1.8×16-120T.8L 1.8×16 8
WB-R-PT-1.8×18-120T.8L 1.8×18
WB-R-PT-1.8×21-120T.10L 1.8×21 (14+7) 10
WB-R-PT-1.8×22-120T.10L 1.8×22 (14+8)
RAILBRIDGE®- HALF PIT Series Railway Scales WB-R-HP-2.1×7-120T.4L 120 1000 50 2.1×7 4
WB-R-HP-2.1×14-120T.6L 2.1×14 6
WB-R-HP-2.1×16-120T.8L 2.1×16 8
WB-R-HP-2.1×18-120T.8L 2.1×18
WB-R-HP-2.1×21-120T.10L 2.1×21 (14+7) 10
WB-R-HP-2.1×22-120T.10L 2.1×22 (14+8)
RAILBRIDGE®-WIM Series Dynamic Railway Scales WB-R-WIM-1.2×1.9-30T.4L 30 200 10 1.2×1.9 4