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TLP Truck Lift Prevention System
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Full integration into overhead crane systems such as RTG and RMG
  • Accurate measurement and analysis to prevent possible accidents
  • Compatibility with different types of containers, vehicles and chassis
  • Tolerance values that can be set by the operator
  • Warning of possible accidents with audible and visual warning system
  • Warning and stop commands with integration to crane PLC system

The TunaylarTLP system is a high-tech product area developed for the prevention of accidents caused by lifting of the carrier vehicle and chassis with the containers when the container locking cranes such as RTG and RMG are integrated into the crane systems and when it is forgotten to disable the lock mechanisms of the containers (twistlock) screening and analysis system.

In the TunaylarTLP system, where high-precision 2D laser sensors are used, a real-time field scan creates a vector model of the container, vehicle and vehicle chassis. The intelligent TLP algorithm analyzes the positional relationship of the container and the carrier precisely during the take-over of the container via the carrier. The unnatural movements of the vehicle and the chassis are instantly detected and the operator is warned or stopped by the early warning system.

RTG and SSG and similar crane operations are operations that require intense attention and precise maneuvers. The operator must have reflexes that can react quickly in sudden and emergency situations. Tunaylar TLPS system in integrated crane stacking systems reduces potential accidents that can be caused by operator faults to a minimum level.
It ensures that stacking areas can be used more efficiently in ports, piers, docks and terminals. In the operational processes, both the safety of the products are ensured and the unnecessary time losses caused by the accidents are eliminated.

In case of possible collision situations, the operator is warned instantly by early warning system via audible and visual warning systems.

If desired, a command will be sent to the PLC system of the crane and the system can be slowed down or completely stopped without leaving it to the operator’s initiative.