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DamageScan Automatic Container Damage Detection System
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • DamageScan Automatic Container Damage Detection System is a state-of-the-art measurement and analysis system used to automatically detect structural damages such as pits, protrusions, slopes, holes or holes that may occur on the surfaces of containers.

The DamageScan Automatic Container Damage Detection System is a state-of-the-art measuring and analyzing system that is used to automatically detect structural damage such as pits, protrusions, slopes, slits, or holes that can form on the surfaces of containers.

The container damage detection system, which finds use in private or public container transportation terminals such as Ports, Logistics centers, Harbours, Ro-Ro Transportation Centers, is installed on the terminal main entrance doors or on an appropriate site within the facility and the damage detection process is performed automatically during the passage of vehicles. The system does not require frequent maintenance and it functions without any problems for a long time.

System Operation Principle
DamageScan container damage detection software, developed by high-tech 2D sensor with high scanning frequency and scanning angle resolution, is used to analyze the container by extracting a 3D profile of the container and analyzing the damage status. If the damage is detected, the category of the damage, the location of the damaged zone on the container, the operator is informed at the same time by marking on the program interface, and the data obtained can be transferred to the existing automation system of the plant.

System benefits and advantages
Manual inspection for all containers on the operator’s side with naked eyes cuts down the traffic flow in the terminal and makes the control of the processes completely person-focused. DamageScan’s precision comparative analysis of ideal container profiles allows for the separation of damaged or undamaged containers in a very short time. It prevents unnecessary containers from being included in the additional inspection process unnecessarily. For damaged containers, it provides significant time savings by providing the operator with coordinates of the damaged area. While DamageScan performs damage detection, it also allows keeping statistical information about containers. Container types entering the terminal can be easily reported through the program interface at the desired date range.

Optional additional equipment
With the high resolution camera systems which can be optionally installed in the system, at the same time during the scanning process, the images of the different angles of the container can be taken automatically and this information is presented to the operator’s information on the program interface. In this way, the damage on the container which is detected automatically by the system can be examined in detail by the operator via camera images. The plate reading camera system, which is optionally included in the damage detection system, can record the vehicle and container plate together with the damage information.