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CollisionScan Collision Prevention System
Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • Full integration with RTG and similar stacking systems
  • Controlled container stacking with precise warning system
  • Eliminate unnecessary crane stops
  • Collision avoidance between adjacent container stacks
  • Warning of possible accidents with audible and visual warning system
  • Deceleration and stop commands with integration to crane PLC system

CollisionScan RTG is an advanced technology scanning and analysis system integrated into container stacking crane systems such as RTG and SSG, and designed to prevent the damage which can be caused by possible collisions during stacking or loading of containers.

During the transport of the containers by the crane system, the laser system creates a safety area around the container and protects the container against possible collisions until the stacking or transporting process is terminated. The system warns the operator visually and audibly when a possible collision or damage is detected. At the same time, it is also possible to slow down or stop the crane by sending a command to its PLC system.

RTG and SSG and similar crane operations are operations that require intense attention and precise maneuvers. The operator must have reflexes that can react quickly in sudden and emergency situations. CollisionScan collision prevention system in integrated crane stacking systems reduces potential collisions that can be caused by operator faults to a minimum level.
It ensures that stacking areas can be used more efficiently in ports, piers, docks and terminals. In the operational processes, both the safety of the products is ensured and the unnecessary time losses caused by the accidents are eliminated.

The control of the system is carried out via the control panel located in the crane cabin. In case of possible collision situations, the operator is warned instantly by early warning system via audible and visual warning systems.

If desired, a command will be sent to the PLC system of the crane and the system can be slowed down or completely stopped without leaving it to the operator’s initiative.