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Superior performance in all conditions, high weighing accuracy.
  • EC Type Approved 10.000 d 
  • 6 digits, 20 mm eaisly readable led display 
  • High speed and accuracy 
  • Hardware including colorful monitor, PS/2 keyboard and mouse 
  • High weighing capacity and safe memory 
  • Flexible reporting 
  • 2xRS232, RS422/485, 2xUSB, Printer and ehternet outputs 
  • X 10 display

Load Line – 2 WT is the weighing terminal especially designed for electronic truck scales. It provides easy and fast weighing owing to Its hardware composed of colorful monitor and computer keyboard and its easily understandable menu structure which guides the operator. It satisfies all of the requirements for the management of truck scales via Windows CE based WinScale software.

Its superior features include 6 different language options, single/multi range weighing oppurtinies, colorful monitor, PS/2 keyboard, mouse, high memory, remote display, printer, ethernet and RS232 serial output. There are 4+5 data fields which can be defined by the user. Alphabetical data can be entered to this fields or they can be selected form the tables during weighing process.

Daily, monthly or any two dates based detalied reports can be displayed on the screen or can be printed through printer. Barcode reader, traffic light, remote display, barrier connection and automatic filling from silo options are available via its standard and optional outputs.

Easy Usage
It provides easy and practical usage oppurtunity through its hardware including VGA monito r , computer keyboard and mouse and its visually understandable menu structure

High Speed and Accuracy
100 sps ADC conversion speed. Fast and accurate weighing owing to 24 bits ADC and 16,000,000 internal resolution.

Weighing Range Selection
Single or multi range weighing opportunities.

Anti-Wibration Filters
It protects weighing from enviormental factors (vibration, noise) and harmful effects of hitting loads owing to its programmable digital and sudden load filter levels, It allows accurate and reliable weighing for the applications like dynamic weighing

Self Calibration
Electronic calibration without requiring any load for industrial applications

Serial Communication
Standard RS232 C serial data output provides 300 – 38400 baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit and none parity protocol serial communication.
Also with its standard RS 422/485 serial output, it allows Half-Full Dublex communication or optional MODBUS RTU communication over RS 232 / RS 422/485.

Control Inputs / Outputs
Free programmable optional 4 I/O input-output card. Optoisolated 5 V DC (PNPlogic) input, TTL, 1 A/24 V DC or 0.5 A / 125 V AC relay output option

Analog Output
0-20 mA / 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog output option allows communication for automation systems like PLC , and other devices.

Alibi Memory
Optional alibi memory allows storing 105.000 records including weighing number, gross , tare and net weight information.

High Reliability
Password protection against unauthorized usage. Safe static memory protected against power failures.

High Weighing Record Capacity
Large vehicle record capacity owing to its high disc capacity.

Programmable Data Fields
There are five data fields which can be defined easily by the user (for example waybill no, driver name, etc.) beside to operator, numberplate, firm name and material name fields.

Large Query Tables
Generating tables for each of the ticket data fields (firm name, material, etc.) and opportunity to select these data from the tables during weighing process.

Fixed Tare Record Memory
Single stage and fast weighing opportunity owing to table for the tares of the regular vehicles which are peroidically weighed.

Flexible Reporting
Daily, monthly or any two dates based detalied reports with respect to any data fields can be displayed on the screen or can be printed through printer.

Printer Connection / Weighing Ticket
It can be connected to printed through standar RS-232 serial connection. Firm title, entrance-exit dates/times, ticket no, gross-tare-net weighing values and defined data fields can be printed on the ticket.

Optional Additional Hardware Connections
LL2 WT weighing terminal enables operating two truck scales with single terminal owing to its second scale connection. Also, more than one truck scale can communicate each other through ethernet connection. Report files can be copied to mobile discs. Traffic light and barrier can be connected through its optional control inputs/outputs.

Properties of standard
Accuray Class III / IIII
Aprroved Division 10.000 d Single and Multi Interval
Certificates 2009/23 EC-EU, OIML R76, CE
Display 6 Digits, 20 mm. Led Display
Operating Display VGA Monitor / PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
Status Indicatons Stand still, Zero, Net, Weight Range, Pcs, Lb and Kg symbols
Key pad Membran type, 8 functional Touch sense keys
A/D Converter / Speed 24 Bit Delta-Sigma – 10 ms. – 6.25-100 Hz.
Signal Range 0,1mvV/V- 3mV/V
Input Voltage 0.83 µV/e
Internal Resulation / Division 1/16.000.000 Internal Conversions / Display up to 80.000
Linearity & Temp Co-efficient % 0.0015 FS; ≤ 2 ppm / ºC
Loadcell Excitation 5 V DC
Loadcell Connection Min. 1 unit 43,75 ohm, / Max. 8 units 350 ohm, 25 units 1100 ohm
Serial Communication 2 x RS 232/485, 1x RS 422/485,Ethernet
Printer Connection RS232
Power Supply 12 VDC / 62 W
Operation Temperature -10°….+ 40°C / %85 RH
Protection Class IP 54
Housing Steel / Stainless Steel

Model LL2 WT LL2 WTS
Size – Weight 522x303x98 mm – 6,6 kg 522x303x98 mm – 7 kg
Size with package – Weight 550x350x300 mm – 7,8 kg 550x350x300 mm – 8,2 kg

Serial Communication 1 x RS232, 1 x RS422 / 485 (Half-Full Dublex), MODBUS RTU
Network Connection Ethernet, TCP / IP
Wireless Communication WLAN (802,11 b/g)
Analog Output 0-10 V / 0-20mA / 4-20 mA
Digital Input/Output Optoizolated 4 inputs (5 VDC-PNP Logic-) / 4 TTL, 1 A/24
VDC or 0.5 A/125 VAC relay outputs
Additional Equipment Modem, Barcode Reader, Traffic Lights, Barrier