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Truck Scales

I-BRIDGE Series Electronic Truck Scales

I-BRIDGE Series Electronic Truck Scales Product Image
  • High speed quality production
  • High quality welding
  • Zero error production
  • Excellent surface for dying
  • Robust construction and long service life
Truck Scales Automation Solutions
Unmanned Truck Scales Product Image

Unmanned Truck Scales

It is provided at the facilities to identify the vehicles automatically and weigh them without operator where vehicle traffic is intensive and weighing facilities are serial. The personnel errors are eliminated since the sistem is controlled from a single center. The system at the same time plays an important role in the production, stock control and sales organization by transferring the weighing results into the other related departments at the same time. The technologies such as RF-ID,PROXIMITY that have a contact-free and remote reading capability and number plate reading camera systems are used for identification of vehicles.
Under-Silo Vehicle Scales Product Image

Under-Silo Vehicle Scales

It is aimed at the under-silo filling scales and systems to load required amounts of goods, bulk materials especially those of the cement plants, to provide automation and at the same time, load vehicles in accordance with their load capacity...
Multi-Scale Integration Product Image

Multi-Scale Integration

The exchange of information of more than one scale with each other and acceleration of weighing procedures especially at the facilities due to be subject to intensive entry-exit procedures and acceleration of weighing procedures and at the same time,...
Ex-Proof Truck Scales Product Image

Ex-Proof Truck Scales

These are designed for explosive and infl ammable environments where the risk rate is high, for instance, LPC fi lling facilities, fuel facilities, chemical industry and so on. The equipments have exproof protection such as special load-cells, junction boxes,...
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